I write suspense thrillers set in the science and technology worlds where too much power and too little oversight often lead to trouble on an epic scale. My protagonists are mathematicians, engineers or scientists who must solve the impossible to make the world a safer place. I season my stories with technologies that the lay person can understand. I include twists and turns to keep your mind engaged, action and intrigue to keep your body tensed. But at the heart of my stories will always lie the human drama that will make you care about the characters you meet.

I try to do a lot in my stories, so I may not publish new work as often as I would like. I assume you care more about my novels (and my getting the next one written) than what’s going on in my personal life, so for now you won’t find me on Facebook or Twitter. If you want to know more about me or my work, please visit my Life page or check out my Stories page on this website.

If you want to know when my next novel is coming out, you can sign up for my Newsletter on my Contact page. I promise that I won’t pester you with anything other than news of my next publication. All other announcements or new content will be posted to my website, so please visit me from time to time.

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Birch Adams